"Capturing the moment"

What: Wheatus

Where: The Palace, Aldershot

When: Sunday 6th June 2010

My second visit to the new Aldershot venue and I was a little apprehensive. Last time watching Bruce Foxton’s “From The Jam” left me on such a high I was worried that tonight was going to be the headache left over from the wonderful night before.

I shouldn’t have worried, as Brendan from Wheatus commented, “This is a great venue run by really friendly people, you should support it”. The line up at the venue so far has been varied and exciting with a good smattering of up and coming bands as well as more established artists.

Tonight’s support band seem to be going through an identity crisis. Performing as “Half Past Always” they really gave a great performance of energy filled pop/punk. They announced during the gig that they would be changing their name. I think that would be a mistake. They have all the ingredients for becoming a big band, great songs, a good look and excellent stage presence. The last thing they need now is to lose momentum with a name change.

Half past always left the audience very warm for tonight’s two headline acts. Starting off the main acts was MC Frontalot. His intelligent lyrics span the gamut of subjects from video games, “Final Boss” to the facebook/twitter disease of posting triviality with “I hate your blog” frontalot

Towards the end of MC Frontalot’s set he was joined by various members of Wheatus until the whole band were on the stage and took over.

Wheatus certainly know how to pick up an audience and carry it through the whole set. They ran through their songs taking requests from the crowd and not leaving until they’d delivered all of them. Typically and understandably the most heard cry was for “Teenage Dirtbag”. Everyone knew it was coming but they had to wait until the end of the set to hear it. Hear it they certainly did as just about everyone was singing along by that stage. I was surprised at the age of the audience, I expected young however most of them wouldn’t even have been teenagers themselves when the song came out.

Wheatus’ albums must have been the staple diet for their formative years though as many knew all the lyrics and it even surprised the band when they knew the more obscure tracks too. Tonight was the kick off to Wheatus’ 10th Anniversary tour. A new EP is also available on a pay what you feel basis (wheatus)

Tonight’s atmosphere was electric with the crowd really into the whole event.. All in all a great second visit to the venue that’s set to be one of the premier Southern venues for an assortment of live music.