"Capturing the moment"

Welcome to the website of Roger Goodgroves UK Music Photographer and Journalist.

Regardless of if it's a mega stadium or small intimate club gig, Roger is the music photographer on hand to "Capture the moment".  Music is evocative and personal and capturing the feel of the show is so important.

As an example, a great time was had by all with a tribute to Freddie Mercury on the 20th Anniversary of his death in London at the Grand.  With all proceeds going to the Phoenix Trust. Spike Edney's SAS Band were joined by a host of great vocalists (Tony Vincent (US The Voice, Series 2, WWRY, American Idiot), Chris Thompson, Patti Russo and Madeline Bell).  The surprise guest was Brian May who joined Kerry Ellis (The Voice (UK) entrant) for a number of tracks.

Also on the passing of music legends, Roger was there to capture the emotions when the world said goodbye to Robin Gibb.

On a much larger scale, take a look at the shots of Rihanna from the O2 and can you get much more prestigious than doing photos for a performance at The Houses of Parliament for Rock The House?

When it comes to interviews, Roger has a way of putting artists at ease so they reveal more about their feelings.  This allows a more in-depth approach.  As an example Roger's interview with former Savage Garden front-man Darren Hayes reveals timing for his tour and discusses his new single and why it had such a personal impact.

It isn't just the mega-star front person that gets Roger's attention, for example listen to Roger talk to top session musician (and drummer on Adele's 21 album) Ash Soan.

When you are down at the front looking into artists' eyes you can get a real feel for a performance.  See reviews from Roger DaltreyBootsy Collins (below) and Elton John.

In the oldie but goodie section, check out Roger's interview with Chris Difford of Squeeze where he admits that Pete Townshend of The Who made him cry.

Examples of some published work can be found on GetToTheFront
.  Roger's photographs have also featured in most of the major daily papers as well as countless magazines.

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If you need quality gig, concert or live pictures from one of London's leading music photographers then use the contact link above to email Roger.  Alternatively if you need Roger to do a review of a gig, concert or appearance then best to call to discuss.  Roger works mostly in and around London and the South East but for the right act is happy to travel further afield and has done photography internationally including the USA.

Here's a rare picture of Roger at work on the other end of the camera.  Subjects are Andy McCluskey of OMD, Martin Fry of ABC, DJ Janice Long and Journalist/lots of other things Paul Morley.